Educational workshop programmes

Educational workshops

To assist teachers we use drama techniques and practical exercises to support learning. We will devise the sessions to cover a specific subject matter.  Please enquire.

Using drama in science example!

  • Young science - ages 5 - 8 years

  • Our Environment - adaptable for all ages

  • Bullying -Exploring why bullies bully and our reactions

  • Teenage Life - covering challenges, opinions and expectations on teenagers

  • Other programmes available;
    Young Mothers                           
    Healthy Living – THE SELF
    Relationships, sex,  & Life Styles
    Abusive Substances Awareness

  • The rehearsal and performance
    Boost confidence and creativity using theatre.
    This is a workshop to assist young people with practical ideas and develop some creative approaches using drama techniques.

  • School Performances
    We can assist you with school performances, or help you use drama to teach any subject when you require that support.  We do have professional people able tot help you when you require supply teaching. Click here to contact us

  • Hands–on–Approach
    Infusionarts will bring a professional approach to any production that will enhance a school performance for GCSE and/or  public performance.

Culture and diversity

We work to engage all communities, bringing presentations to your establishment that will highlight many wonderful lifestyles that lead to  discussions and questions.

  • Cultural awareness and diversity
    A day of drama and how to gain confidence working within a group whilst creating a dramatic scene that explores a historical event or situation.

  • Black history
    We have a workshop for Black History month that, using drama and movement, creates and explores a piece of theatre that encompasses the ideas and outcomes of slavery, and the spread of colonial movement.



Interacting with drama, dance, music, and art
to create and learn beyond words