Film and performance Schools


Our film and performance schools are for young people to have the opportunity to experience and develop skills in film and theatre. We encourage students to engage and reach high levels of ability. We have no set sessions for age but work on the ability using drama based activities to enhance life skills and performance. We accept all abilities as our main ethos is to encourage social interaction within communities.

During the part-time training we devise and make short films, use mixed media for annual shows whilst teaching disciplined skills within the arts. Our schools run for three hours per week focusing on performance that includes dance, music and film.

Learning through creativity, inspiring the SELF through the arts in educational programmes, infusionarts has developed ways to challenge, motivate and create!

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For all our young supporters, we welcome you to join our club and send in messages, discuss ideas and share your enthusiasm for the arts.

LOOK OUT! Each term one lucky winner of our guest draw will win a prize.

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St James School
Summer Lane


"The talent and commitment of all those involved was evident. Everyone was clearly being encouraged to challenge the limits of their ability and some of the work was quite amazing for people of that ageParent, H. Hannon

"We were amazed and delighted to find a top class and professional adaptation of a very mature , satirical play with difficult dialogue…a delight to see children and teenagers work together so well as a team to deliver such a good standard of actingM. Greenwood



Interacting with drama, dance, music, and art
to create and learn beyond words