Our Africa projects

Introduction: About us and our links to Africa

Infusionarts are passionate about embracing performance and inspiring people within communities. As an advocator of intercultural relationships, we are currently working hand in hand with schools and colleges to develop our projects where young people have the opportunity to spend two weeks in Tanzania. Here they are fully immersed in another culture spending time in community schools, devising and creating drama within small villages including the Maasai community. All this, whilst creating their very own documentary that will be edited and previewed to family and friends during a school presentation. All monetary proceeds go back into the project so that we can strive to improve education conditions for African children whilst enriching our children’s level of cultural understanding and awareness.

Alongside this exciting mixed media project infusionarts support other worthwhile schemes and are committed to developing communities in poorer areas and recently completed a very important and successful research trip to enable us to assist with raising funds to build a large supported school in Kigoma.







Interacting with drama, dance, music, and art
to create and learn beyond words