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Working with Shakespeare - its not all boring!

We know how young people can think ‘boring’ when you mention Shakespeare. That’s why we have come up with ways to introduce Shakespeare using creative methods to relate the language to our everyday manner and style.

This week has proven and will prove even more valuable as we move closer to auditions !!! We have worked on finding natural rhythms(iambic pentameter) and finding the right stresses. I can honestly say that Beth and the other actors (all 20 of us) have changed my ideas regarding Shakespeare and have finally found a monologue for me to work on and possibly use in auditions !!!! Lauren D

It has been a surprisingly interesting week for me seeing as I, like most others heard about doing a week of Shakespeare and thought “Oh No”, but it has actually been an insightful and good learning process for me personally.. . . Many positives produced from this week and will carry on looking at the works of Shakespeare. Tony (07/2008)

At first I was quite worried about doing Shakespeare as I thought it would be really hard. Wow! I’ve really enjoyed working with Beth this week as it has made me feel more relaxed about my audition monologue and has helped me gain a much better understanding of the dialogue which has made me more devoted to Shakespeare. Hannah (07/2008)

I found it extremely helpful and interesting working on different monologues and learning how to stress certain words and phrases which I will find useful for drama auditions. Ben (07/2008)



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