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Theatre in education projects

A one week project for primary school year 4/5
What’s the Harm?
A group of young people will rehearse, perform, interact and act as mentors for the project. A selection of young people will perform a play highlighting the issues discussed during the rehearsals.

The young people will be empowered to perform. It enhances the communication and relations between the subject matter and those who require hearing it. The performance itself will be no longer then 40 minutes and then a 10 – 15 minute workshop time will be explored by the actors themselves.  During the performance week we will act as a facilitator to introduce the project and support the young actors when required during all performances.

Funded by Sure Start and the links network, Birmingham.

Happy About Me
A play about bullying and peer pressure.

This is not like any other Theatre in Education project. We do not simply come in and perform in front of the children. From the moment they enter the room they are fully participating in the production. The performance is both a play and a workshop in one.
To accompany the show we provide a teacher’s pack full of exercises and information to follow up and use in the classroom. The work links and covers material towards PSHE subjects.

Comments from previous sessions in Birmingham.  

‘Children fully engaged. Interactive. Related to children’s life experiences. You got responses from children who don’t normally respond.
(St. Clements school, Paul Murphy Class 3)

‘Practical– not formal sitting down. Engaged children. Children felt relaxed because of entry into room informal.’
(St. Clements school, Tara Murphy, reception)

‘Children actively involved with different parts throughout. It dealt with some real issues relating to the children and their experiences. It gave children a range of strategies of dealing with bullying. A range of useful ideas, information and resources.Can be used as a part of circle time or relate to issues/problems that children put into the class ‘worry’ box.’
(St Clements school, J Beesley, Year 4)

The company only use a small selection of people who are trained theatre practitioners and have experience working with young people. Infusionarts is a company whose members have worked professionally and trained in the media. All are CRB checked and insured.

Important: If you are interested in your school piloting the Happy About Me please let us know.



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